For several years we have reorganized and enhanced by integrating new technologies to implement the quality of our product


GREEN SAND CASTING FACILITY has the following systems:

Green casting system for small objects (from 1kg to 20kg): 400 x 520 mm moulds interaxial 600 H 180 + 180


 RESIN SAND CASTING FACILITY It has been completely renovated:

The resin sand casting facility has been completely rennovated, and is situated in a new building housing a mixing machine capable of 30 tons of sand per hour, as well as the respective sand recovery system.




The well-furnished moulding facility covers a minimum of 600 x 770 mm interaxial 850 to a maximum of 3500 x 1800 mm. These are the routine dimensions, but there is no upper limit to mould size.



The LABORATORY consists of:

Arc/spark spectrometer for determining the percentage of chemical elements that determine the type and quality of cast iron.
Two hardness measurement systems: an electronic Durometer to measure the Brinell hardness of samples or castings, as well as a portable durometer to take hardness measurements of castings. Contract laboratory: for tensile strength tests, micrography, resilience tests, and any other necessary tests, our firm can outsource them to an external laboratory.